PAT-R welcomes retired educators
living in the Portland metro area,
regardless of the district in which you taught. 

While we are affiliated with
Portland Association of Teachers (PAT)
and use their building for meetings,
our name shows our inclusive nature.

Portland Area Teachers--Retired.

Meeting Time

strives to benefit its members and public education by offering participation in or support for:
  • national legislation and activities designed to maintain, guarantee and enhance national retirement programs, e.g., Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid;
  • state legislation and activities for the benefit of retirees, e.g., Public Employees Retirement System and Oregon Public Employees Retirement System Association;
  • activities and legislation that support children, public education and educators, and social justice--local, state, and national;
  • activities and social programs that contribute to the enjoyment of living and participating with others; and
  • activities related to objectives of the national organization, NEA-Retired, and the state organization, OEA-Retired.

No-Host Breakfast Time

PAT-R Affiliates

Portland Association of Teachers (PAT)