What We Do

PAT-Retired members...
  • hold one meeting every other month during the school year that includes guest speakers, business, a book exchange, social time and lunch;
  • participate once a month in organized social outings and activities;
  • attend every-other-month breakfasts around the Portland metro area.
  • volunteer to support schools, students,   teachers, and education generally, in myriad ways;
  • attend organization meetings and events at    the state level;
  • support work of the OEA Foundation and       OEA-Retired's Literacy Program to provide    books for students;
  • support local associations' programs and activities;
  • lobby for retiree issues at the local, state,      and national level
  • and much, much more.

Enjoying Dale Chihuly's Bridge of Glass 
at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA.
Gathering for lunch on the Portland Spirit.
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General Meeting
9:30 a.m., June 14
RSVP to:  Jane Morgan, janesm503@gmail.com or 503-381-9072
for lunch at Albertina's Kitchen

No-Host Breakfast
RSVP to:  Marleen Wallingford, marleenwong@comcast.net
or 503-927-2766

11:30 a.m., June 21
RSVP to:  Lisa Abramovich, lisamina@gmail.com
or 503-704-1416

Board Meeting
August 6

Region I
11:30 a.m., June 20
John Street Cafe
8338 N Lombard Street, Portland
 RSVP to:  Eileen Wende, ewende72@gmail.com or 503-287-1954

Travel 2018/19/20
Best of Eastern Canada
September 9-16, 2018

Highlights of Morocco
October 31-November 10, 2018

Heritage of America
March 22-31, 2019

Others:  The Colorado Rockies, British Landsapes, Shades of Ireland and Italian Vistas
2019 dates not set

Classic Danube River Cruise 
with Oberammergau Passion Play
May 24-June 2, 2020

For contact and more information click here.

Posing for OEA-Retired tour picture before hiking
the Great Wall in China in 2013.