PAT-R has an elected Board comprised of the following members:

 President  Vice-PresidentSecretary
Bobbi Yambasu
Eileen Wende
Ray Johnson  

Carol Martin
 Historian At-Large Director
At-Large Director
 Jeanne Mackie

Marleen Wallingford

Ron Couser


PAT-R has the following committees and their chairpersons:

 Bylaws and Policies Jeanne Mackie
 Budget Bobbie Yambasu
 Communications Ray Johnson
 Credentials and Elections Carol Martin
 Legislative Jan Peterson
 Membership Marleen Wallingford
  Projects Jane Morgan

Contact us at:

345 NE 8th Avenue
Portland, OR 97232-2708

Meetings are normally held in this location. 

Webmistress:  Janet Setness